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Nick bowers

As the founder of award winning Chicago based firm blocHaus Inc. as well has brandHaus Inc., During his 14 year career Nick Bowers has presided over numerous, award-wining projects worldwide in the retail, corporate, hospitality and residential sectors, ranging from large-scale, multi-unit condominiums to spa-resorts and boutique hotels.  Nick believes that all projects should have their own identity, every space blocHaus creates is rooted in a strong concept to tell a meaning full story; creating a true and engaging experience for all who visit their spaces.

Nick has been a guest lecturer at Harrington College and St. Ambrose University; discussing a wide range of topics from Interior Design, Architecture and Entrepreneurship.  Nick has multiple degrees including, Theatre, Journalism, Broadcast Journalism, Mass Communications, and Interior Architecture.  He has lived and worked all over the world, all the while, absorbing his surroundings which has helped bring to fruition much of the creativity blocHaus is known for.

In 2009, during the height of the recession, Nick decided it was the perfect time to open a firm.  He had worked at many of the nation’s top firms and was able to offer the same quality, and services those firms are known for, at a price people could afford; thus allowing him to cultivate meaningful and long-lasting relationships with blochaus’ clients.

During his free time Nick enjoys keeping active, weather that is penny boarding, working out, hiking or taking his two Boston terriers, Parker and Einar for long walks.  Nick has lived in Chicago for the past 14 years and is always excited for the opportunities that come with living in a big city.

Parker Headshot-33.jpg

Parker bowers

As the CEO of blocHaus Inc. Parker's responsibilities are never ending.  She is solely in charge of barking at the door whenever someone arrives to the office, as well as, requiring the staff to pet her and play with her on a regular basis.  In her free time she enjoys sunbathing, playing with her ball, barking, cuddling on the sofa, going for walks and playing with her sister Einar.  She's a tough cooking to crack so be on your toes when she's in the office!

Jeremy Aiko

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Louis Horvat

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Jose Liu

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